Step By Step Guide How Do You Close A Pocket Knife

Step By Step Guide How Do You Close A Pocket Knife

In the cutting edge period, the utilization of blade in expanding quickly. The vast majority of them utilize their folding knife as a hand device in their everyday schedule. There are a few strategies and method to close a pocket knife. The pocket knife ought to be opened and shut safely, with the goal that you won't get harmed. 

In this article, we are going to explain to you how to securely close a pocket knife. When you close a collapsing blade, you should put your hand on the cutting edge, and the handle ought to be shut. The end ought to be done in a sheltered manner. The blade size will be little and the handle will be huge. There is the opportunity the blade moves from the handle. In the event that you hold the body of the blade in a firmly, at that point cutting edge can be shut successfully.

  • Cutting wood for a fire
  • Hunting
  • Cutting ropes, fruits and vegetables.
  • Can perform the function of a screwdriver.
  • Removing thorns from the flowers
  • Best equipment for the self-defense.

method 1: Closing of pocket knife

 This is the best method that will teach you how to close a pocket knife.

Make sure the bottoms of your fingers aren't folded over the grip, or you could cut yourself while shutting it. Catch lock blades can without much of a stretch be worked with 1 hand. However, you might need to work on shutting it with 2 hands first. 

The catch-lock can be found on the handle close to the base of the cutting edge. Contingent upon the brand and style of blade, the catch may seem unique, yet it normally resembles a little chamber leaving the outside of the blade. Press down on the catch to fix the lock. 

Once the catch is squeezed, the sharp edge will feel free and can without much of a stretch be moved over into spot. Ensure your fingers are away from the opening as you secure the edge. Most catch locks will hold the sharp edge tight except if it is squeezed once more.

Method 2: This method is to close a pocket knife with frame and linear locks

• Liner and casing locks move a bit of the external or inward coating behind the cutting edge to verify the blade set up. Search for a little-observed toothed bit straightforwardly behind the cutting edge. 

•Hold the edge so that the sharp side faces up. Move the locking system so it isn't in contact with the sharp edge. The blade will feel like it has less pressure once you discharge the lock. 

•Hold the cutting edge with your other hand as you move your thumb. Ensure the cutting edge is entirely in the opening.

Method 3: This method is useful for closing Axis lock knife

The stick on the blade will be associated with a U-formed pressure wire known as an omega spring. Hold the blade so it is parallel with the ground and destroy the stick back to open the cutting edge from its place. 

Keep the stick pulled back as you move the cutting edge to the shut position. Ensure your fingers aren't on the base of the grip or else you will get cut. 

Once the cutting edge is in the grip, let go of the stick to return pressure on the blade. The pivot lock holds the cutting edge securely open or shut except if it is pulled back once more.

Method 4:  In this method, you will learn how to close a pocket knife without a lock.

Make sure your fingers aren't over the opening where the cutting edge of the blade will go. Utilize a firm grasp with the base of your palm and your thumb on one side and the stack of your fingers on the other. 

Hold the dull side of the edge between your thumb and your fingers. Numerous blades have an edge along the highest point of the cutting edge to give you a superior grasp. 

Make sure the sharp edge of the cutting edge is verified in the space totally. When the blade is shut, the sharp edge ought not to open without anyone else.

A Pocket knife as a self-defense tool:

There are numerous kinds of blades which can be utilized for self-protection. Be that as it may, the most helpful is the folding knife. It is the best security instrument for everybody. These sorts of apparatuses potentially help in each part of life. For instance the folding knife is utilized for unpacking and opening.


Q.1: What is the use of a pocket knife in the daily routine? Ans) It is the best tool for performing simple daily tasks. For example, if you want to unbox a smartphone, so it is better to open it while using pocket knife rather than opening it in a wrong manner.

Q.2: How many kinds of pocket knives are there in the market?   Ans) While visiting a market you can find a huge collection of pocket knives. They are available in many designs and colors.

Q.3: Why is it good to use a pocket knife for defense purpose?  Ans) It is a good idea to use a pocket knife as a defense tool as it is lightweight and can be carried easily anywhere you want. Simply, it is the best portable defense tool.


Keeping a pocket knife with you is not a bad idea. It is also the best defense tool. There are some techniques or methods to close the pocket knife. In this article, you have learned how to close a pocket knife, and we hope that this article will help you out. You can use any of the four methods -it will depend on the type of your pocket knife. A pocket knife can also be used for simple tasks that we perform every day like opening a box, cutting a rope, trimming vegetables and fruits, making tiny pieces of meat, etc. It is not compulsory, but purchasing one for yourself is the best idea.

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