Top 5 Best Butcher Knives Reviews 2020 [Updated]

If you are a fan of culinary delights, then you know the significance of the proper tools. A swordsman knows the value of the sword; similarly, a professional cook knows that the inclusion of an appropriate butcher knife can be a make or break deal. With that in mind, we have prepared an updated list of the best butcher knives, followed by a comprehensive buying guide.

Even if you are not a professional cook, it is insensible to waste your hard cash on an item that would give you no value. The marketplace is full of butcher knives with each manufacturer claiming superiority over another. For this reason, an expert team of professionals thoroughly researched the products present in our top pick!

So, the details you are going to see are relevant, reliable, and outlines both the merits and drawbacks of each product. Moreover, if you still remain unsure whether you have found the right knife for you, we have included an updated buying guide.

Top 5 Best Butcher Knives Comparison

Whether you are a butcher, chef, or a person who likes to work around the kitchen, the Victorinox Swiss Army Cutlery Fibrox Pro Straight Butcher Knife can be your optimal knife as it comes with a wide range of features. Since 1937 Victorinox started to sell cutlery. 

Victorinox is famous for their products as they assure high-quality and performance rate. So, if you are planning to buy a proper knife, the Victorinox Swiss Butcher Knife can be an excellent option for you.

First of all, the knife features an elegant carbon stainless steel finish. With a proper finish, the product is ice tempered and has a conical ground shape, which keeps the blade sharp for a long time. So, the knife not only allows you to perform large butchering jobs but also stays sharp for many years. Hence, this one knife will provide you strength and durability. 

After that, to cut massive meat, the Victorinox Swiss Butcher Knife features a straight edge and hollow ground blade. This allows you to slice big pieces of meat without any effort. 

There is a finger guard integrated with the butcher knife that offers safety. Additionally, the blade of the knife is laser-tested, and it is proven to provide durability while even cutting any meat of enormous sizes. 

On top of all these, the butcher knife features an ergonomically designed Fibrox Pro Handle that prevents it from slipping. Even when the product is wet, the Fibrox handle will assure proper grip. Besides, the Victorinox Swiss knife is approved by the National Sanitation Foundation to be publicly safe. 

After a thorough consideration of all the details and features, our research team concluded that the Victorinox Swiss Butcher Knife is indeed one of the best butcher knives in the market. 


  • Offers a subtle carbon stainless-steel finish 
  • Sharpness lasts for a long time 
  • Finger guard assures safety for your fingers 
  •  Fibrox Pro Handle prevents the knife from slipping 


  • The large size knife sometimes lacks precision while cutting small pieces of meat or bones

UltraSource is a widely renowned organization in the world. Their products have satisfied many people and companies. All the products of this brand are carefully produced to provide optimal quality to meet the demands of all their customers. Consequently, this butcher knife is also a public favorite that offers a lot of great features and elements. 

The UltraSource Butcher Knife comes at an affordable price. Thus, you do not have to spend a lot or break your bank while buying this knife. It is often a challenging task for new butchers or low budget-oriented people to buy a knife with good qualities. However, this knife is budget-friendly, which allows people of all classes to acquire this product. 

Additionally, the knife features a cryogenically treated construction made up of Molybdenum steel. It increases edge retention, lifespan, and strength of the blade. 

Hence, you will have a blade, which offers excellent strength, durability, and is adequately supported for precise cuts. Furthermore, UltraSource Butcher Knife comes in different sizes and flexibilities; allowing you to choose the best one which suits your interest. 

The handle of the blade is antibacterial textured, and it is marked safe by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF). Moreover, the handle is liquid welded at the point where the blade of the knife connects with the grip. This particular feature assures easy cleaning for the users. 

The handle and blade are balanced with a rear, and front security bolsters to offer a comfortable and minimize hand fatigue. Furthermore, the handle is also made up of non-slipping materials; guaranteeing a suitable grip.  


  • Comes at an affordable price 
  • Features Molybdenum steel that is cryogenically treated 
  • Comes at different flexibilities and sizes

  • Non-slipping, liquid welded antibacterial textured handle 


  • Needs to be dried after every wash or else the knife would catch stains

For the past 90 years, Old Hickory has been selling cutlery products. Therefore, we can assume they are experienced in producing cutlery and 90 years is not something to put aside. 

Throughout all these years, Old Hickory has delivered the highest performance for all of their products. Consequently, the Ontario Knife 7111 is a product of Old Hickory, which has satisfied a wide range of customers, including professional butchers and chefs.

The Ontario Knife 7111 has been crafted with materials of the highest quality. All the materials used in the product are checked and handpicked by the researchers of Old Hickory. Thus, it is bound to provide added performance. Furthermore, the knife is very durable. It can sustain the elements of daily usage, and you can use it without the worry of wearing it out.

Additionally, the Ontario 7111 is made up of high carbon steel, which provides strength and durability. Next, the blades are heat-treated to stay sharp for a long time. The blade of the knife is also tempered in a unique way which allows the blade to provide razor-sharp cutting edges. 

After that, the knife features a unique design for the handle. The handle of the knife is buffed and has a flame burnt color that gives it a classic look. Furthermore, the handle itself is made up of hardwood which offers security through brass compression bolts. 

The Ontario Knife 7111 is a famous knife that has satisfied a lot of customers. It has an excellent performance rate and outstanding quality. Hence, without a doubt, we can say that Ontario 7111 is one of the best butcher knives in the marketplace.


  • Assures high quality and performance  
  • Durable and lasts for a long time 
  • Tempered and heat-treated blade

  • Gorgeous antique design 


  • The edge of the knife catches rust if not cleaned and oiled properly

The process of choosing the best or a suitable knife can be tricky. If you are a butcher, then you need to think about length, strength, and durability. If you are a chef, then you need to consider elements such as precision and accuracy. So, it is not an easy task to choose an optimal knife which suits your interest. However, the Wusthof Pro Cimeter Knife can be a perfect choice for everyone as it delivers strength, accuracy, durability, and quality.

The Wusthof Pro Cimeter Knife is made up of alloyed stainless-steel. Furthermore, it is rustproof, so you do not need to worry about oiling it regularly.  Thus, the product is easy to maintain; making it easy to use and handle. Moreover, the stainless-steel construction gives extra sharpness to the blade. 

The blade of the knife is so sharp that it can cut through cut-resistant gloves. Hence, you can assume how easily it can cut through small pieces of meat. Besides, the product comes at an affordable price. There is no need for you to break your bank while purchasing this handy piece of a knife. 

Next, the product is approved by the National Sanitation Foundation, which means it is safe and secure from all kinds of chemicals. Finally, the knife features a poly handle which is ergonomically designed to reduce fatigue. 

The handle provides exception grip strength and comfort while slicing through vegetables or pieces of meat. In conclusion, the Wusthof Pro Cimeter Knife is a fantastic knife offering a wide range of features.


  • Approved by NSF 
  • Features a stainless alloyed steel build for precision and sharpness 
  • Budget and user-friendly knife 
  • Ergonomically designed handle reduces fatigue  


  •  Very sharp. So, you will need extra thick cut-resistant gloves to be on the safe side

The Global GF Heavyweight Butcher’s Knife is a product which has exceptional features. It is sturdy, durable, and has a lot of power to it. Let us thoroughly discuss the features of the Global GF Butcher’s Knife and determine why it is considered to be one of the top 5 best butcher knives.

In the Global G-series, the Heavyweight Butcher’s knife is thicker and more heft than any other knives. The blade is a godsend when it comes to butchering fresh meat. The knife is approved and appreciated by the best chefs in the world. Consequently, we can assume the blade has an excellent quality and performance rate.

Additionally, the blade of the knife is made up CROMOVA 18 stainless-steel. The knife also features 18-percent chromium that makes it resistant to stains. Moreover, the blade offers vanadium and molybdenum that give sharpness edge retention. Therefore, the blade is sharp, reliable, and stain-resistant. 

For the correct amount of balance, Global delivers a hollow handle, which is filled with an adequate amount of sand. Furthermore, there are exclusive darkened dimples on the handle that makes it slip-resistant. 

Due to the unique design of the grip, this can be a visually aesthetic addition to your cutlery collection. Finally, the Global GF Heavyweight Butcher’s Knife is a complete value pack for your investment.


  • Heftier and thicker than other knives of the G-series 
  • Features CROMOVA 18 stainless-steel construction 
  • Very sharp stain-resistant knife 
  • Ergonomically designed handle that prevents slipping 


  • The length of the blade could have been bigger

Choosing the Best Butcher Knife | A Definitive Buying Guide

The sheer number of options available can invoke fear and doubt in the buyer. Due to worry, all products would appear the same, and differentiation becomes a challenging task indeed. That’s why we have included this buying guide section, especially for the skeptical customer.

If you are not sure what to look for in an excellent butcher knife, just read through and educate yourself. Let’s have a look at what the top considerations should be while choosing the best butcher knife.

Handle Comfort

First and foremost, the element you should look for in a butcher knife is a comfortable handle. The significance of this is that it reduces the force required to cut through beef or other culinary items.  The balance between the blade and the grip enables simple control and convenient use.

If you forgo comfort, then the task of beef slicing becomes tedious, and eventually, cooking will become a chore you despise most. Any blade featuring the bolster-design ensures impeccable balance and smooth control, so look out for it.

Stamped or Forged

Individual knives are either processed through stamping or forging. While both of these have their distinct advantages and drawbacks, you should know the peculiarities of each to make a better purchase decision.

Forged blades are robust and hefty, and due to their sturdy construction, they are easier to balance. However, their prices are higher compared to their counterpart, the stamped blades.

The latter one is thinner; thus, difficult to control, and can’t slice through thick meat. Their dust resistant quality is lower compared to forged blades. Regardless, they are budget-blades; therefore, more affordable.

Rust and Slip Resistant

 For your safety, it is essential that you choose a knife which doesn’t slip from your hands during work. We all know that working with blades is risky, and if it is susceptible to constant slippage, severe injuries might occur.

Therefore, you should opt for plastic handles such as Fibrox and Prolex, which are mainly designed to prevent any slips. 

On the other hand, if you want your blade to be rust-resistant then look out for knives made of high carbon steel. These steels have top-tier anti-corrosion, and you will not see any decay or rust for years.

Sharpness Retention

The term sharpness retention refers to the longevity of a blade’s high end. Commonly, a knife begins to lose its sharp edge when subjected to frequent and long-term use.

However, if you are looking for blade-material that can retain its sharpness for long periods of time. Make sure to choose products made of high carbon steel. This steel type usually maintains its quality despite frequent use. 

Furthermore, knives that feature increased flexibility and high wear-resistant can also preserve sharpness for more extended periods of time.

Flexibility and Sturdiness

The hard blade is easier to use due to its minimal movement. However, these blades are inflexible, and it is difficult to remove the meat from the bone intricately. The meat-trimming process is convenient with a flexible knife. 

But remember, these blades are not recommended for novices because you can injure yourself. A knife that can be bent easily is vulnerable to slippage and breaking. So, a beginner should opt for hard knives instead of a flexible one.

One last thing, besides meat, butcher knives can cut through vegetables and fruits. Look out for a blade that features such versatility because then you will receive an all in one package.

Necessary Precautions While Using a Butcher Knife

If you are a complete novice, then you should lay some ground rules while using your newly purchased butcher knife. 

You don’t want your freshly minted blade to break and injure you in the process because you didn’t take necessary precautions. Let us look at the step by step details:

  • Do not attempt to cut through thick bones with your new knife, and you will break your blade if you do so.

  • Instead of cutting through, cut between the bones. It will extend the longevity of the edge.

  • Each use mandates a warm soapy water wash.

  • Prevent stains by using a soft cloth to dry your blade.

  • If you want to oil the knife, do not use flavored oil.

  • Vegetable oil is likely to cause a foul smell if you attempt to use it.

  • The best material is camellia oil tagged with a soft cloth and smooth wiping.

If you keep these in mind, you can increase the high-end retention of your blade without any problem.

Final Thoughts

Now you know all the essential details required to make a sound decision about purchasing the best butcher knife. The products featured in our top pick list are excellent and versatile. Most of these blades offer high-end retention, slip-resistant handle, and high carbon steel. 

With all these features included, you are guaranteed to receive the value for your money. Our research team has taken the pain to analyze each product carefully, so you can conveniently read through and find all the pertinent information. Our team wishes you a happy shopping!