Best Pocket Knife Sharpener Review: Does They Really Worth The Money

If you are an adventurous person, it is obvious to have a knife when doing some exciting activities out of the town. You may go for camping, hiking, fishing, or any other outdoor activity where a pocket knife is so valuable. But the fact is, your knife will lose the sharpness over time. It won't work very fast and accurately after the first few weeks. No matter how good the knife is or how much you spent on it, you need to use a sharpener to keep it active and sharp.

Though it is not a difficult task to find a sharpener for your pocket knife, it will take time to find the best pocket knife sharpener. But hey! You don't have to be worried much. In this article, I am going to share with you the best products in the market today. Moreover, to make your purchase smooth, here I have included a detailed buying guide which will help you to identify the best pocket knife sharpening tools.

Top 5 Pocket Knife Sharpeners

Top 5 Pocket Knife Sharpeners – Selected By Experts

Before writing the article, I have read different questions in forums and quora to know what people actually expect from a knife sharpener. Based on people's demand, our expert team has tested more than 30 products to identify the ones with the best performance. And finally, the team has recommended the following products.

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Rada Cutlery Quick Edge Knife Sharpener - Stainless Steel Wheels Made in the USA

You are looking for the best pocket knife sharpener, right? So, you may want to use a portable sharpener that you can carry with you when going for some outdoor activities. If so, I will suggest that you buy this Rada Cutlery quick edge knife sharpener. It comes in a handy design that you can store within a small space without any trouble. If you are a backpack traveler, will like this item for sure.

Using the sharpener is too easy. There are two stainless steel wheels in the sharpener. You can razor-sharp your pocket knife with it. This is greatly helpful for hunters and fishermen. However, you can also use it for a wide range of knives to make them sharp. It improves the performance of the knife.

Wheels of the knife are fitted on a sturdy black nylon base. It is easy to hold and remain stable when you are sharpening your pocket knife. If you take proper care, this sharpener will last longer than most of the common products. It is a USA made product, so you can be sure about the quality.


  • Lightweight and portable for the handiness 
  • Durable black nylon base which remains stable
  • Heavy-duty stainless-steel wheels for sharpening
  • Improves the performance of the knife instantly
  • Suitable for a wide range of knife styles


  • The wheels may decay the knife is placed in the wrong place
  • Not ideal to sharpen the knife in all angles
Smith's PP1 Pocket Pal Multifunction Sharpener, Grey

What do you care most about a knife sharpener? Do you prefer the products that allow to sharp knives in a variety of styles? If yes, you should check this one from Smith's. This unit is designed to sharpen a knife in two different styles. You can either use the stones for sharpening or use the tapered diamond rod.

There are two V-shaped slots where you need to place the knife in a 90-degree angle. Place the knife at any of the slots, give a little bit force and move it towards you. Repeat the action, and the knife will be super sharp. The sharpener comes in a compact size that you can even carry in your pocket. If you are a hunter or you like to go camping regularly, you will like it.

Besides the slots for sharpening a knife, there is a Tapered Diamond Rod to sharp the flat edges. This rod is greatly helpful when you need to sharpen different knives with notches. You can directly apply the rod for sharpening super-fast. The angle for sharpening is pre-set for the users' convenience.


  • Carbide blades for setting the edge quickly 
  • Ceramic stone for razor-sharp with less effort 
  • Compact size with Lanyard hole for carrying 
  • Comes with diamond-coated rod for serrated and standard edges 
  • Heavily constructed for long-lasting 
  • Stones are replaceable and reversible 


  • Not a good sharpener for larger or professional knives
  • Requires regular maintenance for best output

If you have a reasonable budget and you don't want to waste that money on a cheap quality product, I would recommend you to order this item from Chef'sChoice. This brand is making top-grade products for a long time. So, you can be comfortable with the quality. This 4643 ProntoPro sharpener works greatly for Euro-American and Asian Style Knives.

Though this sharpener doesn't come in a small size, you will like it for the performance. There are three slots in the sharpener. First two stages are for initial works where you can razor-sharp your pocket knife or professional knife. You can sharpen flat knives and serrated knives as well as sports knives. And the last slot is for polishing the edges.

The sharpener is constructed from 100 percent diamond abrasives are used in all three stages. So, it works faster than the traditional knife sharpener. The precise bevel angle control creates ultra-sharp 15 and 20-degree edges. No matter if you are a newbie in sharpening knives, this will make the work easier for you. This item doesn't require much care. If you want to sharpen all small size knives in a single sharpener, there is no alternative of this Chef'sChoice 4643 ProntoPro diamond hone manual knife sharpener.


  • 3 stage sharpeners with diamond abrasives 
  • Two stages for sharpening and one for polishing the knife 
  • Suitable for a wide range of small knives 
  • Soft Touch comfortable handle for perfect gripping 
  • Ensures razor-sharp edges within a short time 


  • The price of the sharpener is not affordable for all
  • It's a little bit larger which you can't carry within a small space
Work Sharp Guided Field Sharpener

Looking for something compact to take with you when going camping, fishing, or hiking? If yes, check this item from Rada MFG. This is a small but effective pocket knife sharpener which is very easy to use. It comes with hardened steel wheels where you need to move the blade of your knife for sharpening. If you are a newbie and need an easy option, should go for it.

The sharpener is suitable for a variety of knives, notably, for thinner bladed knives like jackknives and paring knives. Though the main purpose of this product is sharpening knives, you may also use it for other small tools like scissors. For camping lovers, this sharpener would be a blessing.

The construction quality of this sharpener is pretty amazing. If you use it in the right way and take a little care, it will last longer than any traditional knife sharpener. This is the best pocket knife sharpener for money.


  • Compact size for hassle-free carrying 
  • Suitable for any thin-bladed knife 
  • Hardened steel wheels for a razor-sharp edge 
  • Comes with an affordable price 
  • Easy to use and ideal for both newbies and expert 


  • Not an ideal product for heavy-duty pocket knives
Rada MFG Rada Cutlery Quick Edge Knife Sharpener with Hardened Steel Wheels, 2 Pack

Most of the pocket knife sharpeners come in almost the same style. But if you want to sharpen various types of knives with a single sharpener and you want to sharpen in different angles, you must purchase the Work Sharp Guided Field Sharpener. Instead of several slots for sharpening, this knife does have flat surfaces.

This knife sharpener includes diamond plates, leather strap, ceramic rods, and sharpening guides. With the advanced features, it provides a fast, easy & consistent sharpening solution. You can use the item for knives & camp tool. There is a ceramic honing rod that rotates to expose coarse and better-honing surfaces. You may also apply the sharpener for fish hooks. There is a small second ceramic rod which is ideal for sharpening serrations.

This is a compactly sized pocket knife sharpener that you can carry for hunting, fishing, camping or anywhere. This will keep your knife sharp as a razor and make your work easier with the knife. It is constructed by the USA brand with top quality. So, it is strong and durable and last longer than regular products. There is no need for any additional tools for working with it.


  • Consistent angle for easier sharpening 
  • Compact size for hassle-free carrying for outdoor events 
  • Ideal for sharpening all styles of knives 
  • Easy to apply for fishing hooks, camping items, and knives 
  • Durable ceramic plate for longevity 
  • Small ceramic plate for serrations 


  • There are no slots for sharpening
  • It requires a little but expertise to use

How to Choose the Best Pocket Knife Sharpener?

When choosing a pocket knife sharpener, you need to consider several facts. Otherwise, it will be impossible to find the best product. Here are some essential features that experts recommend to consider before buying a sharpener for a pocket knife.

Size and Weight:

 The first thing you need to consider in a pocket knife sharpener is its size and weight. As you are going to use the sharpener for your pocket knife, you may want to carry the sharpener with the knife. Especially when you are going for an outdoor event like camping, hunting, or fishing, you must have to carry the sharpener. Because of the optimum performance, there is no alternative to using a perfect knife sharpener.

So, before you pick a sharpener, check the size and the weight of sharpener. It should be handy and compact enough to carry with less effort. If the sharpener is lightweight, you will never feel irritated it for a long time.

Grit Size: 

In a knife sharpener, grit number is an important part. The larger the number, the finer the grain is. To have a rough edge on the knife blade, the grit number should be from 1000 to 3000. But, if you want to have a razor-sharp edge in the knife, the grit number should be from 4000 to 8000. However, you need to find out what you want to do with your new pocket knife sharpener. Then choose the right number of grits for the sharpener.

Sharpener Materials:

The performance of a pocket knife hugely depends on the material used in the construction. Sharpeners used to come in a wide range of materials. There are dozens of brands out there, and each brand may use different materials for a variety of models. But you need to pick the right one with the best materials. Some common materials being used in knife sharpeners are Diamond sharpener, Tungsten Carbide Sharpener, Ceramic Sharpener. Among them, ceramic and diamond sharpeners are more popular.

Diamond sharpener material is the most advanced technology. These types of sharpeners are constructed with a tiny lab-grown diamond chip which is attached to plates, rods, and other sharpening forms. On the other hand, ceramic sharpeners are smooth and better for polishing. However, it used to come with a combination of carbide sharpener and create an effective pair of rough sharpening capability.


When you are buying a new knife sharpener for your pocket knife, it is better to choose an item which is suitable for multiple works. For example, when you are going camping, besides using a knife, you may also need some other stuff that needs to be sharpened for tasks. Modern knife sharpeners may work for scissors, axes, and other bladed implements.

Hiking, camping, and surviving focused adventures require different tools and a perfect multi-functional sharpener can save your effort. It is not difficult to find a multi-functional product. Read the product description to know if the selected item is designed for versatile usages or not. However, if you only need the basic feature, it is not mandatory to look for a versatile product.

Sharpening Angle:

For the best performance from your pocket knife, you need to sharpen it in the right angle. For example, 17° angle is best for extremely sharp-edge. If you need sharpness like a razor, you should choose this angle. Again, 20° is best for kitchen and filet knives. And 25° angle is suitable for knives that require a durable and sharp edge. Hunting and outdoor knives need to be sharpened at this angle. Some knives may need to be applied on a cutting cardboard, wire, or carpet to sharpen at a 30° angle.


The price of a knife sharpener varies based on the features, performance, and materials. Spending more money or buying an expensive knife sharpener doesn't guarantee the best sharpening performance. Rather, you should focus on the features that you actually need. To win the right deal, sort out the products that come with the same price but with different features. Now check all the products to identify the one with more features that you need and spend your money on that particular product.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a pocket knife sharpener?

We all know that knives need to be sharpened regularly to get the best output. So, we need something that we can use for sharpening and will save time. A knife sharpener is a thing that can diminish your hassle. Pocket knife sharpeners come in small size so you can carry it when going for an outdoor event such as hiking, camping, hunting, etc. Without any additional tools, a user can sharpen their pocket knives for better performance.

Q: How to use a pocket knife sharpener

Different pocket knives may need to be sharpened in different ways with the knife sharpener. So, using a pocket knife sharpener won't be the same for everyone. But the basic rule is almost related. The sharpener would have a slot or one or two plates in it for sharpening knives or different similar tools. The slot design is easy to use. All you need to do is put the knife on the slot in the right way and move it towards you for sharpening. The plate design requires some expertise to put the knife in the right angle.

Q: What is a good pocket knife sharpener?

When we say that a product is good, it is actually based on the overall performance and longevity. The same is true for a knife sharpener. We can call a sharpener good when it has all the essential features and have some advanced features. Also, it should sharpen a knife effortlessly and with less hassle. The construction quality has to be tough so that it last longer.

Q: What the best pocket knife sharpener is?

We can't directly select a product as the best. There are a bunch of products out there, and they all have the basic features and some advanced features. Calling a product best actually depends on your preference. If a pocket knife sharpener is fulfilling all your necessity, you can call it the best product.

Q: What type of pocket knife sharpener is best for beginners?

Beginners can start using a pocket knife sharpener with a pull-through knife sharpener. They are easy to use and don't require much expertise. This type used to come with carbide material. All you have to do is place the knife on the slot and pull the knife toward you.

Final Thoughts

Now you have a list of the best pocket knife sharpeners from which you can pick the one that fulfills your needs. Don't get confused as there are 5 different products. Each item has some unique features and advantages. If you don't know which one will suit you most, just read the buying guide section and make your decision. To avoid any further hassle, order the knife sharpener only from original vendors.